The start of a new year is always a great place to begin to make changes that you want to stay consistant with throughout the rest of the year.

If you need a bit of guidance to help direct you in the right direction and keep you on track for the first step then this 28 day programme is ideal.

What ever your personal goals are, we are here to help you achieve them! With a personalised progressive workout plan to follow and nutritional guidance. You will have weekly check ins with your assigned coach, Rosie, who you can ask any questions at any time throughout your programme for constant support and accountability.

Whatever your goal whether it’s fat loss, muscle gain, strength based, confidence and self esteem building or just to expand your knowledge, we will tailor your programme specifically for you.

Let us be the last coach you will ever need.. We are here to teach you as much as we can and LEVEL UP your knowledge in these 28 days so you can apply it on your own moving onward for the rest of the year, so your not back at square one for the next new year.

Whether you’re a complete newbie to exercise and nutrition or you’ve been in the game years. We all have to start somewhere and some times we all need a little nudge and a little bit of accountability to keep us moving forward!!

Your workouts will be planned according to your goals. These will not necessarily be weight lifting sessions in the gym, they will be dependent on your goals, equipment and facilities and could vary from walking to home workouts to strength training in the gym!

It is very important to us that you enjoy your exercise routine! Have you ever been to classes or done workouts that feel like torture and only manage to stick at them for a couple of weeks and wonder why you struggle to get back into it? Because nobody really wants to volunteer to put themselves through that…

Just like your exercise routine, we want you to enjoy your food! If you have aesthetic goals, this tends to be the toughest challenge to tackle. We want to spend these 28 days assisting you with your nutrition to build healthy habits so that you don’t have to be on a “diet” every day of your life!! Cutting out all the BS myths and FAD diets and teaching you the things you need to know about nutrition so you can apply it yourself so eventually you wont need our help.

Consistency is key to getting results, so rather than making drastic changes like cutting calories really low or making you eat fish and a rice cake 6 times a day, we are all about making the small lifestyle changes that are easy to adhere to long-term and will end up becoming life-long habits.

28 days is a short amount of time in the grand scheme of things so we will help make sure your goals are achievable in this time frame.

28 Day New Year Kick Start Programme

£99 this makes the programme £3.50 per day, cheaper than a pint of lager, minus the hangover!!

Don’t hesitate, the best investment you can make is in yourself!! Get in touch with one of the team in the Gym to sign up!

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