Strength and Fitness Gym

Our Equipment

We will constantly update our equipment as times goes by, but below are some of our brand new items we have for your use. This is not a full list, but an idea of the high quality equipment we provide to our members.

Cable Xover

Leg Press

Leg Abductor

Leg Extension

Chest Press

Weighted Pull Up / Down

Hack Sqaut

Preacher Curl

Stair Master

Delt / Fly

Lat Raise

Leg Curl

In Addition

Olympic Bar (Women) 15kg
Olympic Bars 20kg
Bike C2 bikes
Rowing machine C2 model D
Ski C2 Ski
Power Rack   
E-Z Bars 7.5-30kgin 2.5kg 187.5 kg
Chrome Dumbbell 2-10 pairs 108 kg
Plates, 20kg 80 kg
Plates 10kg 70 kg
Plates 5kg 70 kg
Plates 2.5kg 30 kg
Plates 1.25kg 30 kg
Dumbells and Rack 2 – 50 kg