1Rule – Whey Protein Blend




“So about the protein…a Whey Protein Blend…this means we are covered for ALL the bases!! Concentrate, hydrolysates and Isolates! Isolate is known for being the quickest to release STRAIGHT to the muscles! This is the same for hydrolysates…nothing but PURE 100% protein from this stuff!! Then you’ve got your regular whey protein concentrate that’s going to drip feed a little slower to cover muscles and stave off catabolism!!

Yielding 24g of muscle building protein per scoop, containing naturally occurring BCAA’s and EAA’s, whilst also being instantised so mixability will ALWAYS be on point!! Made in the USA in a whole host of awesome flavours. This protein is a great all-rounder!! Flavours, taste, mixability – it’s all there folks!!

Also – just a quick PPAM hint! As this stuff is a blend of protein it’s awesome for adding to oats, protein baking etc!! Super creaaamy, suuper smoooth and great to work with!”


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